Eileen Yeo

Eileen Yeo


Eileen has a Masters of Science in Marketing from Baruch College, The City University of New York. Leaving her cushy corporate job to move to Hong Kong, there, she was inspired to see how her elder daughter was engaged through the arts. With the strong desire to see more children in Singapore express themselves through the arts, she returned home and founded Kids' Gallery Singapore in 2010. Starting only with Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Communication Arts, Kids' Gallery Singapore then expand to offer English language classes such as Phonics and Creative Writing.

With her firm belief in promoting the arts, a new arts school was opened in the western part of Singapore, at Rochester Mall in 2014. She carries her vision to provide a more holistic art education and rebranded Kids' Gallery to what is now known as Da Little Arts School today.

Eileen's unconventional perspective in the arts continues to encourage her team to think out of the box, adopt fresh, fun and innovative ideas in teaching arts to children.

She is a keynote speaker at seminars that highlights the importance of parent-child communications and its impact on character and nurturing children in the arts in their growing years.

Eileen extend her passion for children and the arts by helping children suffering from cancer, hence Da Little School's adoption of Children Cancer Foundation since January 2012 where they volunteer to teach patients at KK Women's and Children's Hospital every fortnight, engaging the children through art and bringing smiles to their faces.

Her unfaltering solid commitment to the arts has led her to start a preschool arm, Da Little Preschool with creative immersion of the arts on top of their unique preschool curriculum.

Upon receiving her first Teddy bear as a gift from her parents, Eileen has not stop collecting them. Teddy bears are among the most cuddled and beloved of her childhood companions and she lovingly shares her collection with her 4 wonderful children.

Elaine Cheong

Elaine Cheong

Head, Curriculum

Elaine graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Applied Arts, major in Graphic Design. She began her career in the Advertising and Publishing Industry as a Graphic Designer for several years. After which she spent two years working in Dallas Texas, USA where she benefitted immensely from the exposure and gained valuable insights and experiences. Upon her return, she ventured into a different challenge as an early childhood educator for the next ten years in a Pats's Schoolhouse where she held the positions of Teacher and Vice-Principal. Elaine's passion for arts and love for children brings a unique synergy to our team. It's her strong belief that through the appreciation for arts, children can express their innate wonderment and talents. She has a penchant for the Peranakan culture and savours all Nonya delicacies.

Ration Wan

Ration Wan

Head, Special Projects

Ration graduated from the LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications and Major Advertising. As a student, she headed an advertising project that won the prestigious SIA Cargo Award. The project was later used as an official advertisement by the organization. Ration also had gained much experience in the arts as a graphic designer. She had worked both locally and internationally with young children as a camp trainer in team and individual building. She is highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated art educator who never fails to broaden and impart her imaginations, ideas and knowledge to young children and fellow colleagues. Besides being a watch enthusiast, she keeps up with the times by constantly acquiring new crafting skills that inspire others around her.

Jean 300

Jean Goh


Jean had started her journey into the world of Early Childhood Education, after abandoning her previous experience with Business Studies - which proved to be the best decision she has made for herself. Armed with a heightened dire to learn the ropes as an Educator from scratch - as an Assistant Teacher at a local Preschool. Jean graduated from the Modern Montessori Institute of Singapore with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education - Teaching, Seed Institute with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Leadership and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia).

In 2011, she was promoted to manage a group of highly trained Teachers, and at the same time manage the school's infrastructure; ensuring that the school remained, and worked towards giving and providing the best for Children.

Jean has always kept in mind that the child's milestones are of top priority, when it comes to decision-making on a managerial level. Jean has anchored herself as the Principal of Da Little School, paving scholastic experiences to greater heights, along with an arsenal of dedicated Educators beside her.

During her free time, Jean engages in baking especially her signature rainbow cakes. At Da Little School, her artistic pursuits in food art activities encourages children to eat healthy food in a fun way.


MingLoi 300

Ngoi Ming Loi


Ming Loi graduated from National University of Singapore in 1988 with a Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Systems. She worked as a Software Engineer for 19 years in design and implementation of software applications ranging from software engineering design tools, MP3 technologies to Internet boosting software. She had worked with various computer companies like National Computer Board, Computer Systems Advisors and other start-ups.

In 2007, with the raising of 3 children of her own, she decided to leave the programming field to pursue a more challenging but satisfying career involving children. She ventured into preschool education as an early childhood educator and got her Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching in 2009. In her years as a preschool teacher, she thoroughly enjoys working with children.

She is dedicated to maintain high standards of quality care and preschool education in her daily interaction with the children. Ming Loi has a knack for sewing from sock puppets to costumes for school plays.

JessChey 300

Jess Chay


Hail from Malaysia, Jess graduated in 2008 with an International Montessori Diploma from England. After 4 years of teaching experience, she became a trained teacher who employed effective and nurturing methods to help children to learn in a safe and and self discovery environment. In 2011, Jess decided to take up a new challenge and came to Singapore to teach Chinese Language at a preschool. With her vast knowledge in Montessori education, she integrated the components into the diversified curriculum here, it would thus be beneficial to the learning journey of the children.

Besides her love for molding the lives of the young, one of her greatest fulfilment in her life is becoming a mother of two recently. She enjoys playing and singing with her children. Spending time with her extended family is a weekly affair to foster family bond.

Pei Jin Ngoh

Pei Jin Ngoh


Peijin, affectionately known as 'Teacher Pajamas' graduated from the Republic's Polytechnic with a Diploma in New Media. She enjoys creating art that projects a dream-like quality, using her favourite medium, watercolour. Her works seek to explore and observe children-related themes through various media and methods. Throughout her growing up years, she has been immensely exposed to various forms of arts such as Performing and Visual arts. She plays various musical instruments and attends live concerts regularly. She started out as an assistant teacher previously at our Da Little Art School and found herself enjoying teaching. Her love for children and their child-like expression is reflected by what she does – teaching and doing art. She maintains an aptitude to be flexible, ensuring that every child's learning styles and abilities are addressed.

Charm 300

Charmaine Misson


Charmaine graduated from PSB Academy with a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She went on to help in her family business in every aspect, from serving customers to whipping up delicious food. She enjoys interacting with people and especially like teaching little children in church on Sundays. Charmaine began her fascination in creating art when she was a little girl. She was an ardent fan of Art Attack, a British children's television series revolving around art. Her artistic parents play an important role in influencing her love for art. It is a natural progression for her to grow into an inspiring art teacher with a tender heart. Her upbeat nature exudes positivity when working with children and she is committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to children. Charmaine enjoys making DIY crafts as gifts for her friends.

Lala 300

Laarni Mabilangan

Art Teacher

Lala is currently pursuing her Masters in Early Childhood from the Philippine Normal University. She has been working in Singapore as an art teacher in a premium art school for almost 3 years before joining our big family at Da Little School. Many unique forms and texture of things often intrigue her. She is constantly on the ball to explore different art mediums to express her ideas. She is inclined to present her works in splashes of bright colours that complement with her bubbly personality. Her inspiring hands-on lessons capture a child's imagination and confidence. Lala is a movie buff and in her opinion movies often motivates her to look at life in a different perspective and normal people are capable of great things in life.


Jesslyn Thian


Jesslyn graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management, majoring in Theme Parks and Attractions Management. She had worked at Universal Studios Singapore, where she was trained to handle different situations. She is accustomed to working in a multicultural environment that appreciates diverse views and cultures. She had worked at The Office and was able to be in charge of several decision-making processes. Her strength in interpersonal and communication skills has helped to foster meaningful relationships with students, staff and parents. Jesslyn enjoys good food and great company of friends. For leisure, Jesslyn challenges herself by playing games with all sorts of complicated maneuvers that brings thrills and spills.


Candace Lye

Art Teacher

Candace graduated from Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology with a Bachelor of Business Management. She has been an assistant teacher at our Da Little Art School art since 2012. Her gentle demeanor and creativity has helped children to learn art in an environment where they happily create their masterpieces. She is an avid hobbyist in the field of photography and likes to capture heartwarming moments with loved ones. Candace explores the art of making intricate designs when she works on handicrafts at a local craft shop.