Da Arts

Our Da Arts program is a developmental program, allowing children to build on what they learn from session to session. It aims to enhance children’s creative experience and aesthetic sense. We recognize that children express their ideas through art differently, as such; we develop our curriculum to support children’s learning through our thematic art classes where children make art and enjoy the art of others.

Book Explorers (2.5yrs to 4yrs)

This course is for children who progress from Little Doodlers. It introduces young children to the wonderful world of storytelling through books, songs and interesting props. They will enjoy learning from a wide range of classic and contemporary works from renowned children friendly authors, working toward our goal of instilling a love for reading and an appreciation for language that will last a lifetime. Classes are lively by incorporating artworks that are inspired by the story. Making art also builds children's self-esteem when they learn to make aesthetic choices such as what colour to paint and how to draw basic shapes.

Little Crafters (4yrs to 6yrs)

As children become increasingly aware of the world around them, the focus of their drawing can be directly related to them. This course takes full advantage of children’s fascination of what interest them to explore and expand their artistic abilities beyond the basic level. According to their developmental stages, teachers use appropriate drawing techniques in class as children learn to combine shapes and lines to form their pictures from symbolic to representation form. Other art techniques like constructing textured collages and using interesting apparatus are employed to further complement their ideas. Our teachers aim to help children to be imaginative in their future art encounters.

Master Artist (7yrs and up)

This course allows children to explore and express ideas as well as visual arts concepts in greater depth. Children are taught advanced art techniques that include painting on canvas, molding and weaving clay, constructing collage and making paper mache. Children are also introduced to art history and culture, art terminology, 2D and 3D drawing. The learning outcome of each Master Artists project helps children to build mental skills, such as imagination, observation, abstract thought and pattern recognition.