Da Tots 

All toddlers take great pleasure in moving a crayon across a paper and leaving a mark. This form of mark making or “scribbling” represents children’s first encounter with art. This is an important milestone for every young child. At Da Tots, we specially developed this art program with our developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum. Our parent and child bonding classes encourage the exploration of various kinesthetic art activities that appeal to the little ones.

Little Doodlers (18m to 2.5 yrs)

For very young children, making art is a sensory discovery activity. They enjoy the feeling of gooey paint, seeing a blob of coloured paint grow larger and how the colours are mixed together. Exploring materials and art apparatus help to build knowledge of the objects in the world around them. While making art, they develop control of their large and small muscle groups. With repeated opportunities for practice, children will gain confidence in their use of tools for making art pieces. Little Doodlers classes include circle time with fun stories and songs.